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Architects:White Interior Design

Location:Taipei, Taiwan

Design Team:Chih Lung Lin、Wanye Lin

Area:50 sqm

Project Year:2016


Project | J House




The space is clean-cut and classic, like the little black dress that fits every occasion. The industrial atmosphere, on the other hand, reminds one of a signature pipe handed down through the generations. In an era of retrospection, vintage styles have once again become a favorite with interior designers. The vintage design of this living space brings an air of culture that softens and enlivens the industrial lines and tones. Bold combinations of colors, an exaggerated style, and old-time accessories—all these are used to demonstrate the house owner’s attitude toward life. 


The space is analogous to a pair of tough vintage jeans: the shoe cabinet is washed with brown to look like a handmade leather belt, the cement wall is reminiscent of the textured look of denim fabric, while the iron and titanium castings on the living room wall evoke the image of a tarnished buckle on a favorite pair of Levis. The grey palette is subdued, which stresses the understated luxury of the design. Overall, the raw nature of the materials shine through the lines and forms, bringing distinctive flavors to the space. 



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